Wednesday, November 5, 2008

They've got corn, they've got meat, they've got fruit and drink.

I have already talked a bit about my food issues. But they were brought up again last night by my roommate.

I've been living with this girl for a whole two weeks now, but we basically never see each other (which is kind of perfect). She's a high school teacher and leaves the house at like 6 am. I teach college, and with my night classes I don't get home until after 8 pm.

But last night, we were standing around in the kitchen. She was trying to convince herself to wash the dishes, and I -- of course -- was eating. She says, "You eat a lot of fruit." And I wish mere words could convey the tone and expression. She attempted to say it - say as in a calm and casual observation of fact, but it came out in partial disbelief and partial disgust. I must have just looked at her, because she continued. "I mean, when I got home on Sunday, I thought that was a total mountain of fruit, and now it is gone."

I snorted, and pointed out that the majority of what was in the bowl on Sunday were vegetables, which I chose to put in the fridge because vegetables just rot after they are picked (let's review the difference between fruits and vegetables), and a big squash.

But she did succeed in making me totally self-conscious of my eating habits, which I recognize are not normal in any way. I loaded my bag up this morning with my usual food for the day: a cup of yogurt for breakfast (which I eat after my workout at the gym), a cup of rice'n'beans for lunch, and then I paused and looked at the two bananas in the bowl. Normally, I would have just shoved both in my bag, one for elevensies, and one for my afternoon snack. But I actually stopped and thought about it, no, I should only take one. I was rushing though, so I grabbed both.

And I'm glad I did! I was hungry at 3, and that second banana was all I had! And what's so wrong with eating fruit? If I'm enjoying myself and am happy with life, why do people have to be judge-y?

I'm gonna eat whatever I feel like, gosh!

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  1. AMEN.... and this is why i eat pie for breakfast. And guess what... I've realized that mostly the judgemental people are just jealous and wish they were eating pie for breakfast.

    So i say eat what you want.