Tuesday, November 4, 2008

In times like this, I realize that I should've kept that teaching job.

I was asked the most outrageous student question today.

I got an email that went like this: "I had the chance to visit my father this weekend and I haven't seen him in a really long time. If I move to be closer to him, can you arrange the class so I can submit the work online so I won't have to drop?"

We'll ignore the fact that there was absolutely no greeting to this email, nor was there a signature, and we'll focus instead on the absolutely extreme demand.

It took me a while. I just stared at the screen. And then I was like, whoa, let me get this straight -- Emily, can you rearrange the class so that I can pass without bothering to show up? Yeah, because that whole attendance thing is so overrated. Emily, can you set up and run an online class just for me, because the whole coming to class thing just isn't working out. Sure, since I've never taught an online class I'm sure it will work out great. And since you are being so successful at coming to class and turning in the work in person, it sounds like a great idea.

So I wrote back and said, No, it isn't possible.


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