Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Decisions are made by those who show up. You gotta rock the vote!

I'm feeling a little let down. This election has been hyped and hyped. Everyone has been talking about it for two years. The "battle" has been dissected a million times. "They" said there would be record turn out, that more Americans are involved in politics than ever before.

I was one of two voters at my polling place.

I was so prepared! I took a book. I ate a snack. I was ready to stand in line for an hour. I wanted to see lots of people engaged in the political process! I'm a little sad that I didn't get that experience. I mean, really, it was supposed to be an Experience (which I capitalize on purpose)! A historical election. One that will be remembered. Instead, I walked straight in to my polling place (a University), showed them my driver's license (which they did have to check for validity, because I haven't updated yet). They handed me a ballot, I walked straight to a booth, cast my vote, and walked out two minutes later. So unmemorable.

Although, I think I have a great job. At 1:00 pm, I said to my boss, ok, I'm going to go vote now. He responded, "Oh great! That's good, go get it done!"

I realize that reads a little flat, but he was actually enthusiastic.

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