Saturday, November 6, 2010

Everybody's stupid in an election year, Charlie.

Election day was this week and it had some people really riled up. The political ads seemed to be playing absolutely non-stop. Did any of you have a political ad comparing the rival to Lindsay Lohan?

Kansas totally did.

And sometimes I wonder, how do I live here?

On Monday evening (let me just remind you that that was November 1st), I was driving home from my yoga class, and needed to get away from the political ads, so I flipped through the channels on the radio.

The first station I tried was playing Christmas music.

Which kind of made me go, ACK! Seriously?!

Election day brought really good news for me though.

I finally got my Obama bucks!

But since I have been waiting forever, I have no idea what to do with it now. My original plan was to go to Japan, but I did that already.

So, in honor of democracy and elections, I'll let you cast a vote for how I spend my Obama bucks.

Just to get you started with some ideas. My original thoughts were:
1. Tile the bathroom floors
2. Buy a digital piano
3. Buy a plane ticket to Italy (Who wants to save up and go with me?)

1 comment:

  1. My vote is first, for you to save up to go to Italy..... Let's discuss when you are going so I can see if Tim and I can come :) Second, buy the digital piano. It would be nice. Third, tile the bathroom. But only if you can pay someone else to do the dirty work! hahahahahahahaahah.....