Saturday, November 6, 2010

I am grateful! Grateful to get away!

Every year, Carla starts off the Attitude of Gratitude Challenge. Check out the rules here.

I'm just going to post mine at the end of the week. But I'm pausing to reflect each day -- that's how you get the benefits.

November 1
1. Having a chance to speak at a meeting
2. Yoga
3. Time to watch Castle

November 2
1. Heather thinks of me enough to keep track of my test dates
2. Jamie is a college student and will talk to me after my late class
3. My night class

November 3
1. Obama bucks
2. Test results
3. That everyone is actually as excited as I am about my test results and they don't think I am crazy

November 4
1. Fitting a trip to the grocery into a very busy day
2. Good results from the meetings, despite the glitches on the way
3. Flushable travel packs of fresh wipes -- Yup, don't ask

November 5
1. My friend likes the baby blanket and she didn't have the baby in my living room
2. Accomplishing some projects at work
3. A really good night's sleep

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